Dr. Michael Lemmon, DVM, Renton, WA, in Common Sense Care for
Your Best Friend (available from the Doris Day Animal League):

Blue green algae is harvested from the pollution-free, mineral-rich Klamath
Lake in southern Oregon and processed in its raw state thereby
preserving all its nutrients, including its enzymes. This type of algae comes
in two basic forms. One is the whole complete algae providing a high level
mental awareness.

Veterinarians have found this algae to be very helpful in the
healing process even for conditions that are difficult to treat. It
has also been shown to be helpful in animals for overcoming
negative mental and emotional states such as fearfulness and
hostile aggressiveness.

This algae product provides the basic essential nutritional support to help
restore health in many disease conditions and it helps to maintain a
healthy and glossy hair coat. Plus, it is a raw food that doesn't have to be
heated during processing as do spirulina and chlorella.

Michael Fox, Animal Doctor, writes a syndicated column that
appears in newspapers throughout the United States.
Recently his
column (which was published in June, with dates varying according to the
newspaper carrying his column) included the following section entitled
"Nutritional Supplements."

"Several veterinary nutritionists and holistic health practitioners have been
using a potent nutritional supplement derived from a naturally grown alga,
a form of plant life rich in essential nutrients...it comes in various
formulations that include other nutrients, and it has impressed health
experts and pet owners with its evident benefits to a variety of
animal species (including humans). Various formulations provide
nutrient supplements for health maintenance, for animals under stress, for
those suffering from certain health problems, for old age and for recovery
from illness."

Dr. Ron Bowen, DVM and Dr. Debby Dowen, DVM, Chicago, Illinois:

"We are so excited about the Super Blue Green® Algae.
We've seen
some real benefits for the immune systems of animals.
We had a 12
year old dog brought into the clinic who had been hit by a car. We decided
to start him eating Alpha Sun and the original formula enzymes. The dog
had to be in a splint for 3 weeks. Every week when he came in to be
checked he was looking better and better. His condition and haircut were
By the third week his owner was so impressed she
started using the same supplements.

The dog's attitude is wonderful. The day he was brought in he bit one of
the techs and he didn't want anyone to do anything to him. After a couple
of days, even though he was still very sore, there was a major
improvement in his behavior. Now when he comes in he even kisses
everyone. We also do short nail clips for show dogs. I decided to try
sprinkling algae on nails that we quicked to see its effect. It did a wonderful
job - so we have switched!"

Dr. Cheryl Peterein, DVM

"Throughout the past 18 years that I have been practicing veterinary
medicine, I have been increasingly concerned with artificial ingredients and
preservatives in commercial diets fed to our companion animals.
When I
found an all natural supplement, (blue green algae), I was
shockingly amazed at its beneficial effect on my patients.

I have used the (blue green algae) products on my patients since
1993 and I thank the day I found it.
(Blue green algae) has changed the
way I practice and my life!"

Dr. Nancy Bozeman, DVM

"As a veterinarian using alternative therapies for over 12 years, I have
looked at many nutritional products in my practice.
(blue green algae) is
the product line that stays in my practice since it gives the results
that I need in my patients.
I started using (blue green algae) on the
animals after experiencing the change in my own health. It is wonderful to
see the improvement in the animals. Even clients who thought their
animals had lovely hair coats are amazed at the further improvement. Of
course, the improvement of the hair coat is a reflection of the improvement
of internal health.

I always tell my clients that it does not matter what healing modality your
medical professional uses-if they do not use superior nutrition then they
are not likely to get superior results.
I depend on (blue green algae)
to achieve superior nutrition."

Dr. Madalyn Ward, DVM, Equine Veterinarian

"(This company) has given me such a wide range of natural
the algae, enzymes, probiotics, and free-radical scavengers,
coenzyme Q10 and (sprouts with algae); they've added a whole new
dimension to how I help animals.

Healthy working horses benefit from the nutritional support the (blue green
algae) offers.
It helps them maintain proper function of their
digestive tract and adrenal glands. The animal algae is also the
best hoof supplement I have ever found."

Dr. Mary Walser, VMD, Ph.D., Professor of Pathology, Univ. of
Minnesota, Dept. of Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine

"As I reflect on our experience with Julia, the word that comes to mind is
"resilience." Julia is our 19-year-old cat, and she has been on SBGA for
over a year. We began feeding her the product when we noticed some
decline in her attitude that we attributed to old age. Since then, she has
had a number of diagnoses that are common in old cats (hyperthyroidism,
cardiomyopathy, recurrent cystitis, and renal disease).
We treated her
medically and continued the (blue green algae).
With each new
episode of illness, we know it might be her last. But, she has repeatedly
surprised me by bouncing back and continuing her highly spoiled lifestyle.

In recent months, we have added a sprinkle of enzymes to her food. With
this addition, her appetite improved (a plus!) and she has had less of a
problem with constipation.

In my experience, it's unusual that an old animal is able to repeatedly
survive several different health problems. I attribute Julia's survival to
both good medical management and to lots of TLC. One of the ways
our TLC is manifested is by including (blue green algae) and
enzymes in her diet."

Carol Bennett, certified animal Bowen therapy instructor

"With a team of veterinarians and interested individuals, we've helped
thousands of animals have a higher quality of life. Sharing the wealth of
benefits available through using the full line of nutritional
products from (this company) with the animals in your life is one of
the most important steps you can take for creating good health for
all life."

Linda Tellington-Jones, Author of The Tellington TTouch & TTeam
News International

"In 1990 when my brother Randy Hood came up with the idea of feeding
(blue green algae) to animals, I responded to his enthusiasm with a 'wait
and see' attitude.
Today I've shifted from a skeptic to a full supporter
of algae for animals.
After seeing Kea, Randy's Bichon Frise, change
from a hyperactive dog to a calm and energetic delight, I began to
appreciate the brilliance of his vision. Then, my sister Robyn experimented
with (blue green algae) the year she had health problems in her Icelandic
horse herd. Now, I feed all my animals (blue green) algae.

After hearing the remarkable stories of hundreds of TTEAM members
about the changes in their dogs, cats and horses from (blue green algae),
I believe every animal owner would benefit by giving (blue green
algae) a try for themselves and their four-legged friends.

Robyn Hood, Publisher of TTEAM NEWS International

"I have a 20 year old stallion that I have had for eight years. He was very
aggressive during breeding season, running the fence line and charging
his pen. I started him on half a teaspoon of (algae for animals) each day.
Within 48 hours,
he calmed down and no longer charged the fence
or displayed aggressive behavior...a habit he had all his life. This
is the clearest example I have seen of the algae's power and the
speed with which it takes effect.

One spring we had a number of foals who were unable to stand on their
own and would tire easily when held to nurse. I mixed together (blue green
algae) with (coenzyme Q10) and gave it to them. There was a noticeable
difference and the foals could stand and nurse."

Maureen Fredrickson, Delta Society Program Director, Seattle, WA

"The Delta Society is a national organization promoting animal/humane
relationships primarily in the field of animal assisted therapy and health
care. When my dog Echo, began to display abnormal behavior eight years
ago, I was concerned. He would go through cyclical bouts of licking and
chewing himself down to the muscle layer around his tail and hindquarter.
Some thought it was a flea allergy. I tried many treatments but nothing
worked. Eighteen months ago I began feeding him (blue green
algae). The chewing stopped. He is now a handsome ten year old,
his coat is gorgeous...no more licking or chewing and no sign of fleas."

Mark Laskin, 1980 Olympic Gold Medalist

"I started my Grand Prix horses on (blue green algae) in December of
1995. One very talented horse whom I had specifically targeted for it
bordered on lethargy. Competing in the California heat, I worried about
him bottoming out and hoped (blue green algae) could enhance his
performance level. The results were amazing! The horse had more
stamina and could compete back-to-back on consecutive days, which had
been impossible before. He maintained his energy level allowing me to
work him harder in the practice ring and in the arena as well. I
n the
future, any Grand Prix horse I have will eat (blue green algae).
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