Cat´s and dog´s testimony - Walter, Cinnamon, Sparkle and Creampuff

We've had terrible problems with all our animals
(three cats and a dog) peeing and pooping where they
aren't supposed to, on our hardwood floors under the
table, on chair legs, on beds and in closets, etc. I
started giving all four of them health products,
especially supplementing with enzymes, probiotics,
wheat sprouts and coenzyme Q-10 (in addition to
a special powder mix for animals), based on what I
had read and heard from our great holistic vets and
on the chat list. It has helped tremendously.

I started all this AFTER we took them to the vet and they
couldn't find anything wrong with them, and couldn't
even suggest anything to try! According to the vet,
our 10-year-old schnauzer, Walter, was simply
experiencing "doggy Alzheimer's" for instance, and
had "forgotten" that he was housebroken! The
coenzyme Q-10 seems to have helped him the most,
so maybe he was right.

Anyway, it's such a relief and so fantastic to have
something that works! To me it is just an "experiment
in miniature" on what these products can do for us
people too! Certainly made a believer out of my
husband, who I have to admit was very skeptical at
first, but now he takes the products religiously, and
his digestive system is on track as a result.

Sharon Wenger
Los Angeles, CA