Hi, I'm Princess. My Mom Cat did not have a person, so my first few
months were pretty rough. I remember being hungry much of the time. She
did the best she could for my little litter mate and myself, but it's rough for
a cat to make her own way without the help of people. My littermate did not
make it, and I might not have either if Ms. Dexter had not adopted me. But
I certainly landed on all four paws, if you know what I mean!
I was several months old when Ms. Dexter  took me in, but she thought I was only about six weeks old because I
was so small. Someone said I looked like a stick figure of a kitten with a belly. That was not nice, but they don't
say that any more. Despite the lack of a good diet as a young kitten, I am now very healthy. I am a large, solid
white cat with beautiful green eyes.
Everyone comments on my coat. It is long and very silky. These
products contribute to my health and my beautiful coat.
I help Ms. Dexter in the office. I also make sure to drink lots of good water
every day - that's really important for cats and people too, you know. It's
good that Ms. Dexter keeps a glass handy all the time. Sometimes I just
take a sip or two of her water when she's not looking.  

(Princess lives in Chattanooga, TN with Margaret Dexter)