Pippin had been dumped on the streets in Seattle when he was rescued.
He was skinny, had matted hair, and he was terrified of humans. He
always backed away and hid behind furniture whenever anyone came
through the door. Initially he would not socialize even with his new
owners. He isolated himself, never played with his new owners and
would never go near other people's pets. He incessantly barked,
especially when other people were around, even familiar faces. He
seemed a hopeless and depressed case, and was completely lethargic.

Pippen  was given an array of raw, organic and wholefood supplements.
The changes began almost immediately. Soon the idea of raw foods
with the high enzyme ability to break down his foods and give him the
most vitality made sense, so we were grinding raw, organic meats with
raw organic vegetables as his only food source.

Before long, the astonishing results from just the supplements got better
with the raw foods. Today, Pippin is a calm, friendly, sociable,
non-nervous barking, energetic very old lady dog who should be slowing
down, not speeding up!

She has as much energy as adolescent dogs, yet the energy is
contained, and she minds. She got younger, happier, more focused and
happy, vs. arthritic, agitated, with hearing and eyesight loss as most
animals (and people do). Pippin is an example of what the best
supplements and a raw diet can do for any animal!

Donia Alawi
Seattle, WA