Peanut is doing very well with her regimen. She is one happy kitty,
playing, and eating well. Her coat looks very beautiful, and the itching
has subsided. The other thing that I noticed is, that prior to the
supplements, she would produce 2-4 "peeballs" overnight, for lack of
better description, and now it is back to her original 1-2. I am very
pleased with that, as to me that indicates that her kidneys are not
working so hard anymore. Her weight is stable at 6.6 lbs. She doesn't
seem so hungry all the time, and eats when she gets her meal, instead
of nibbling all day. I consider that an improvement.

Peanut still won't take anything on her food, but giving her supplements
by syringe is no problem, she actually likes the enzymes, and smacks
her lips, liking her chops afterwards. It's kind of cute.

I think that the regimen has been very good for her, and does not
interfere with her schedule, or causes any side effects, other than
improved health. I am ever so pleased, and grateful for your generous
giving of time and information.

Thanks again, I hope my info regarding Peanut is a confirmation to you
that this is indeed the right thing for Peanut. She blossoms in good
health and spirit.

Hedi LaBranche
Willimantic, CT