Hi, I'm Misti. Well, my formal name is Soigne's Thai Priestess, but my
friends call me Misti.

I'm a Korat, a rare breed of cat. We were the temple cats in ancient
Thailand and are considered good luck cats in our native land. We're
known as the cats with the Thai passport.

I spent my first seven months in a cattery. When I was just a few weeks
old, one of the other cats went to a show and, after she got home, she got
sick. My mom cat got sick, and then my litter mates and I all became sick.
The adult cats recovered quickly, but my litter mates and I just could not
get well. My breeder and his vet tried everything they knew, and we all but
lived on antibiotics for months, but nothing seemed to help. The
respiratory infection spread to our lungs, and we were sick kittens!
When I was seven months old my breeder asked Margaret if she would like to take me home to live with her.
He was concerned that Princess (Margaret's other cat) would become ill. Margaret said that Princess had
been on some natural products since she was a baby and her immune system was strong. Margaret
suggested that the same products might help enhance our immune systems so we could get well.
When we
started getting acidophilus, enzymes and animal algae on our food, we all started getting better.
We did not sneeze as much and it was easier to breathe.
A week later I went to live with Margaret and she continued with the green stuff. I
met Princess and found out that she ate it too. I continued to improve, and in a
few weeks I was well. I've been a healthy cat since then. It must have been these
great products. I was just little then, and used to curl up with two big teddy bears
when I missed the other Korats.
I guess I should not brag, but I was asked to tell my story. I started going to cat shows when I was just
over a year old. I was well by then, and enjoyed showing everyone how beautiful I had become.

Well, I won lots of rosettes and they tell me I did very well. I "granded" in one show, which is quite unusual.
In November, 2000, I went to the International CFA show and I did well there, too. I was best of breed in my
class, and was in two of the finals. Since there were about 1300 cats in that show, it was quite an
accomplishment to make the finals. Everyone was very proud of me. I loved going to shows. It is fun to see
the other cats and people and check it all out.
The picture on the left above shows me being judged at one of the shows. In the picture on the right, I'm
peeking out between the rosettes. At some shows they covered the cage!

I attribute my success in the show ring, and my excellent health, to these wonderful products.
I eat them on my food every day. Please give some to your cats and other companion animals.

(Misti lives in Chattanooga, TN with Margaret Dexter)