Meet Isis... a Royal Egyptian Hairless Cat who has adopted Katharine
Clark to serve her. Since she required the finest and best of foods for
her refined tastes...Katharine serves her all of these amazing products.

This rare cat has been genetically altered through breeding to be
hairless.  She's an eighth generation hairless. With this in mind... what
Katharine found after only a few months feeding Isis algae... is that Isis
began growing hair on her face and paws and has now even grown a
fluffy tail!

At first Katharine Clark wasn't really excited that her expensive and
rare hairless cat was growing hair. So she stopped feeding Isis the
algae -- the cat's mood changed for the worse -- and she began
sleeping 18 hours a day.

When she re-introduced the algae, the cat became her active,
friendly self and began growing even more hair.

Look closely at her now furry face, paws, tail and haunches. Her tail
was naked and ratlike a few months ago... now it's furry and cat-like.

And Isis' brother Koa, a new addition to Katharine's family, is starting
to grow hair too!

Katharine Clark
Paia, HI